Growth and Change Management

Telefónica - More digital sales through full-funnel strategies


Telefonica has recognized that brand and sales must be controlled together in order to increase the overall media efficiency of online marketing and to create a better customer experience.

For this, 4 central problems have to be solved:

1. How can marketing budgets be used flexibly?

2. Which KPIs can be used to measure and optimize across funnels?

3. How do creatives get a common thread from the upper to the lower funnel?

4. What is the appropriate team structure for implementing full-funnel activities?


- First of all, we accompanied the composition of a cross-functional team of Telefonica employees, media specialists, creative people and ourselves and inspired us with an initial target image

- Next, as part of a pilot campaign, the advertising impact of full-funnel measures in the young people segment was successfully demonstrated

- Current next steps: develop sustainable solutions and concepts for the four central challenges to convert the successful full-funnel test approach into smooth always-on operation


- Efficient project setup with 5 funnel steps in one campaign

- 4% incremental uplift of digital sales and double-digit increase in brand KPIs: ad awareness, relevant set and first choice - all proven by Geolift test

- Enthusiasm in Telefonica management and green light for the roll-out in further target group segments and in the always-on forma

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