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With practical experience, we enable successful solutions for digital challenges.

Moritz Dammas

Managing Director

Our chief consultant and aha experience creator

SECRET POWER:Business surfer who inspires every team for the digital wave

Denis Scollie

Head of Data & Technology

Works with the right MarTech and data strategy

SECRET POWER:Always keeps rhythm and beat, whether on the drums or in projects

Julian Düwer

Junior Digital Consultant

Our expert for customer insights and data analytics

SECRET POWER:Conjures up harmonious melodies on the guitar and in office files

Hannes Krause

Performance Marketing Experte

Develops smart new customer strategies and campaigns

SECRET POWER:Knows the secret buttons in each ad account and business manager

In Hamburg we say “Moin!” (local dialect for „hello“)

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22767 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 69 63 89 15

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